My Books


Munay (2014)  a novel

The circus that comes to town is unlike anything ever seen before: the performers can fly, the caravans bear knowledge from around the world, and the circus mother cooks with magical plants. Into this world enters Anahata, a young woman eager to explore the secrets of the circus – until her own secrets lead her to discover the world of the sky and of the earth.

The sequel to Qayqa, currently in writing




Qayqa (2014)  a novel

Cover small

Set in a world where plants can speak and people can fly, we meet Damian, a young man with knots growing out of his head. His quest to untie them leads him over the horizon into Mother Earth’s mysterious desert, a barren place where he is seen as a seed refusing to grow. The quest to untangle his knots leads him into the scars of the earth and to a curious friendship with a potato.

A novel about the living energy of the universe, a fairytale about finding yourself.

This novel was financed as a crowdfunding project on the StartNext Plaform, and will be available in English & German in 2014.







The Double Closet (no publication date set yet)


Monologues on violence in a relationship: both the victim and the perpetrator tell their side of the story. Based on a true story.

Available in English & German

“A stark and gritty portrayal of domestic violence. Incredibly sensitive and powerful writing.” Authonomy authors




Overripe Fruits (2009)

A collection of nine anecdotal short stories ranging with themes as various as her childhood in Africa, love, an x-rated family portrait, the female fear of rape, and the battles in daily life.

Illustrations by Mark Klawikowski

Available in English


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