Hello (a Summary)

10 Mar

Do you remember me?

I remember you very well.

I left Germany 4 years ago in a “glass half empty” kind of way. I had said everything I could say, and although I wasn’t done speaking, I had run out of energy to form words.

So I enrolled in a Master of Arts in Anthropology because I needed to fill my glass. Anthropology would help me understand the world again, its people and their madness, and feed me.

But I became fascinated. The more I studied, the deeper I wanted to go. Before I knew it, 4 years were up, and I felt I had just begun. I became passionate about zoonotic infectious diseases (illnesses that are transmitted from animals to humans) and when I graduated from the University of Aberdeen…

…I was accepted at the University of Edinburgh for an MSc in Medical Anthropology. That’s where I am now.

I also accidentally opened a circus space. In 2015, I pitched the idea of the benefits of such a space to the City of Aberdeen, to the Scottish Institute for Enterprise. I won the Young Innovators Challenge 2015 and, with two amazing fckn fantastic friends, Theo and Elsie, founded a company called “Inverted: Circus and Pole Fitness Ltd”.

I became a director, and taught aerial silks and acrobalance at all levels, to adults and children. If you want to know more about our company, go here: Inverted website!

So I spent the last 3 years being a director, finishing my undergrad, and writing my undergrad dissertation on how movement creates an identity, with focus on aerialists.

I made incredible friends. I gained an acro and aerial partner with whom I performed around Scotland: Elsie.

And now, my glass is filling up again.

I thought so often of writing you, telling you everything, but the longer I was away, the more I had to say, and the snake’s tail became too long. So I’ve just dumped this summary on you and I’m off again.

But I’ll be back, with photos and videos.

Until then, hello! I hope you’ve been well!

We’ll speak again soon.




2 Responses to “Hello (a Summary)”

  1. John Esslemont March 11, 2018 at 12:04 am #

    Dear Ritti This is such a wonderful surprise. Don’t think your post is only for me but more for all the people who have crossed your path in the last 4 years . I can only say that if you sent this e mail to me alone I would be astonished that you would remember me with any great meaning . I won’t bother you with my life which has been completely turned upside down in the past two and a half years . From me , what I would say is I remember you very clearly and how we met , you were a wonderful girl and it does not surprise me that you have achieved so much in your life . I would dearly have loved to have had a meaningful friendship with you but sadly this was not to be . Should you wish to keep in touch then I will certainly be open to remaining one of the many people who would wish to retain you as a valuable special person in my life .

    I send my love and my Best Wishes John Esslemont Sent from my iPhone


  2. Marianne Twyman March 13, 2018 at 2:45 am #

    Hi Ritti, I’m so glad to hear about your journey. I was just thinking about you the other day and wondered if you would continue your blog ever. I live on an island with aerialists so am reminded off and on. Cheers, Marianne


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