It’s Been 6 Months – How Are We Feeling About That?

20 Mar

all the crossroads

all the crossroads

It will soon be half a year since I moved to Scotland to study at Aberdeen University. Shortly before I packed up and left, my crowdfunding project to finance the publication of my first novel was completed – successfully – and that time was, in a nutshell: overloaded. Most of the time I felt exhausted. Honestly, I just wanted the crowdfunding project to go away. And I felt terrible about that because I knew that a lot of people are passionate about my book; passionate about helping it to be published. Still, it felt like a load I couldn’t quite carry at the time, and we almost didn’t make it. But somehow we did. And then I left for Scotland.

Of course I always consider what I could have done differently. I love the concept of crowdfunding – but I don’t know if I could do it again.  Somehow I miss “the good old days” when Ani DiFranco toured the US in her car, playing gigs wherever they would let her and selling cassettes out of the boot of her car.

One day, I will own that car.

Now I’m looking towards the quickening tide rolling in. Next Saturday, I’ll board a plane and return to Germany for the first time in 6 months.

I have come to love my life in Scotland. Aberdeen Uni is ridiculously international; everyone is from all over the place and walking around campus you’ll easily hear anywhere from 5 – 10 languages being casually spoken. Last week, we were finally granted a hall for my aerial silks!!! That means that my acrobatics group has now divided into Acrobatics and Aerials!!! Last Thursday I gave my first aerial class since moving to Scotland… and trained properly for the first time in 5 months…!!!


I might have been the happiest girl in the world that day

I might have been the happiest girl in the world that day

Scotland, the country in itself, is magical, beautiful. Forgive me for saying this, but landscape-wise, it’s like a “little Peru”. Just check out these mountains…

Glen Coe

Glen Coe

A few road trips have convinced me that I Love Scotland. I really enjoy living in such a beautiful country with such mad, funny, kind people; and I do very much love my life here.

That is an understatement. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY!!!!!

Glen Coe as well

Glen Coe as well

And I’m starting to really like whiskey. (Also an understatement.)

Glenfiddich, yum

Glenfiddich, yum

There’s also been amazing music, such as the John Langan Band, who I saw last weekend –

John Langan Band at Tunnels

John Langan Band at Tunnels

– and who you simply must listen to here (and imagine the Highlands while you’re listening). When you listen to the first song, just skip the long “Oohhhh oohhhh” introduction, go to 0:29 seconds and enjoy.

“I ain’t got nothing but a guitar in my haaaaand…” 

(There’s that image again of Ani selling cassettes out of the boot of her car)

So it is with this sentiment of Life is Good that I’ll return to Germany and in a way, return to a life I once had – which, to be honest, I miss. I miss being a crazy artist who seeks to respond to everything life throws at her with artist replies. Of course I could still do that, but between university work and exploring Scotland, I have very little time for that. I’ve had very little time to write. I’ve collected ideas and found fascinating links between anthropology texts and Hispanic Studies facts to Qayqa and Munay. 

I still need to find a way to balance these two. But yes, I miss being an artist. And so, of course, my first stop in Germany will be Mark.

I haven’t seen my partner-in-crime in 6 months, but we’ve spoken a number of times over Skype and he’s told me of all the madness he’s been up to. When I’m back, we’ll discuss the illustrations and above all: their placement in Qayqa. He’ll kick my ass for not having finished Munay yet; he’ll probably inspire me to Get Writing, and I’ll probably complain that there’s no decent whiskey in Germany. It’s so strange to imagine I’ll be back soon. I love forward to it so much – and I fear it might make me question why I ever left the artist life.

Important to remember this:

University life is good to me; the studies are excellent. But I’m still an artist at heart, and it will be good to see it again in Germany, and during any holidays I’ll have in the future. I couldn’t continue the way I was living; I was starting to feel so empty. I needed to come to Scotland. The joy and satisfaction I feel here are enough to show me it was the right decision. My cup is starting to fill up again. Whatever tools I will gain from living here, I needed them. 

And then I’ll go back to being an artist. Hell yea.

I simply must leave you with my favourite song these days. The chorus touches me the most, please listen carefully. And this: “Tell all my friends that I’m bound for heaven. And if it ain’t so – you can’t blame me for living“. I like to think the singer sang this song with the knowledge that he would soon die of the consequences of his alcoholism; that if he could do it all again, he’d do it quite the same way.

If I could do it all again, I would do it quite the same way too. If a piano landed on my head any time soon, I know I will die happy. I’ve lived a damn good life so far, guys. I’d love to finish Munay before that piano lands, though. As I said: my anthropology readings have drawn some interesting parallels which I will incorporate into her.

So much inspiration. Hell yea.


3 Responses to “It’s Been 6 Months – How Are We Feeling About That?”

  1. JOHN ESSLEMONT April 4, 2014 at 8:41 am #

    Just read your lovely comments about my beautiful country Ritti and I am so glad and happy that you are enjoying your life in Scotland, I told you so.

    • rittisoncco April 8, 2014 at 3:31 pm #

      Dear John! You did indeed, and I still quote you to friends today. You’ve become quite a well-known figures in my stories. I do indeed love living in your beautiful country and am excited to be back there after the Easter break. I hope you are well too, and perhaps we can even manage to meet up sometime. Best wishes from Germany, Ritti

      • JOHN ESSLEMONT April 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm #

        I am a simple guy you know Ritti compared to you and your friends but I would sincerely like to meet up with you again. Please drop me an e mail with times available and I will confirm back to you a time that will suit us both.

        Best Regards

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