“Can We Just Stay Here?”

10 Jun

candles are important

all photographs courtesy of Mark Klawikowski

Last Thursday, I had the honour of hosting a fantastic audience at my 2nd Crowdfunding Party. Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my audience, although I had been meaning to get some. At the time, it just seemed more important to enjoy their company as much as possible. And 3 days later, they’re still the topic I want to dedicate this post to.

I don’t know what it was. I definitely felt more prepared than at the 1st Crowdfunding Party, but I didn’t have an opening speech prepared, which, when I stood behind the curtain about to go onstage, was a bit of a worry. I was slightly nervous because I had a few family members in the audience, and the fact that I read barefoot and it was cold, made my voice shake.

And yet, the second I stepped onto the stage, I felt something I didn’t feel the last time: This stage is my home. 


I felt so comfortable, so relaxed, that I even began cussing – something I only really do around people I feel very comfortable with. I even had my “normal” body language: in the short speeches between the poems, I didn’t use my “performance” body language, but relaxed into the way I would if I were normally speaking to friends.

And ofcourse there were friends in the crowd – but that’s of little “consolation” when you’re onstage performing. Even if the whole audience was composed solely of family members, you still need to present your “artist persona”, and not at-home-in-comfie-socks-Ritti.

I was even funny.

That was a bit of a surprise. I don’t really consider myself a funny person; I’m just someone who loves to laugh. I may be a performer, but I never saw myself as a crowd-entertainer. Mark is the funny one. He’s the clown Spontanello, the improvisation genius for family comedy. I, on the other hand, am the sombre, serious, “let’s-talk-about-depressions” performer for adults. I didn’t necessarily read light-hearted pieces; I just somehow had the audience in giggles with my anecdotes between poems.

Like in the following video. I like this version of performing my poem The Backpacker Poem (in English) very much, and because of the fun anecdote I tell (in German) in the end.

Apparently I read a hilarious extract from Qayqa. I honestly had no idea it was so funny: I read and suddenly everyone was in a fit of giggles. Well: performing is how we discover our own books. I obviously have to set that extract firmly into my performance repertoire!

I repeatedly thanked the audience for being so Generally Wonderful. I had such a damn good time with you folks. The murmurs of appreciation, sympathy or amusement are a fantastic interaction with the performer: what more could I possibly ask for, than an audience who dreams with me. 


After most people had gone home, a small crowd remained behind to help Mark, Pixie and I clean up. Earlier on, we had had troubles with my guitar’s new strings, thus disabling me from performing a POEM + SONG that I had prepared. When Gerhard, the Angel, tuned the guitar, we all sat back down in the main room and I performed my POEM + SONG for the After-Show Party. Mark filmed it (the first half):

The feeling was so intense in the room, so supportive and beautiful, that when I was done, I looked into the crowd and said from the heart: “Can we not just stay here forever? I’ll keep performing if you want. Just let us stay here.”

♥  ♥  ♥

Performing POEMS + SONGS is something I plan to develop further. Any thoughts on this? Any advice? I thought of taking up the guitar beyond my 5 chords. Knowing how to play an instrument is so damn important.

Apart from the audience being absolutely brilliant that night, I have also (as you know) been thinking a lot about a Revolution of Fun. I have been getting so caught up in the structural side of my crowdfunding project, that having fun was the last thing on my mind. Try staying up until 6 or 7 am a few nights in a row, working only on preparing your art for performance, and fun will be the last thing on your mind … Unless you are as lucky as I was, and have an AMAZING crew who stay up with you / support & help you / make you coffee / make you laugh / believe in you / show you ways in which you can be the best version of your Self.

(l.t.r) Ritti Soncco, Fabiano "the Fab Fab" Nitsch, Richelle "Pixie" Signer, Mark "Robotermark" Klawikowski

(l.t.r) Ritti Soncco, Fabiano “the Fab Fab” Nitsch, Richelle “Pixie” Signer, Mark “Robotermark” Klawikowski

Now that my beloved Pixie has hit the road again, it’s up to me to maintain the standard she brought back into my life: Good Food, Good Laughter, Family.

I started by relaxing during my afternoon interview at Radio Free FM with Paolo Percoco. He had heard our Platform Interview on Monday and asked me to come into his program “Ulmer Freiheit”. We met before the interview for the first time and immediately clicked. I had such a brilliant time On Air with him; I hope this is the first of many Percoco Meetings. Click Here to download the interview from the Radio Free FM website.

Since the CROWDFUNDING PROJECT started (CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT!), supporters have been writing to ask if there’s anything else they can do to support the Qayqa Crowdfunding. I’m amazed by this! Thank you!

I’m constantly brainstorming with the people in the picture above aso to what else we can do to get supporters for Qayqa. What are YOUR ideas??? 

What you can do for me is download the following StartNext Flyers and send them to all your friends. Tell them you saw me read; tell them how it was. Ask them to follow the StartNext Link (www.startnext.de/qayqa) and to trust you when you say they should really support the book.


Flyer front

You could also send them your favourite YouTube video to convince them:

Official Crowdfunding Video:  http://youtu.be/5C2fbjXHb9c

Beginning of Qayqa:  http://youtu.be/M6Qz4-mYjas

From the Middle of Qayqa: http://youtu.be/nbur2f3n03w

Backpacker Poem:  http://youtu.be/-wCStQwtZNE

Or browse around my YouTube Channel for more:  http://www.youtube.com/RittiSoncco


On StartNext, the project is crawling. The Crowdfunding Parties raised approx. €200 which I’ll be submitting to StartNext next week, when I’m back in Ulm. We now have 25 days to raise approx. €2000. From the interest my audiences / crowdfunding-supporters are showing, I really, really believe this can work. We can really release QAYQA together. 

During this Crowdfunding process, I can’t shake the persistent tick that there is so much more I should be doing. I get great suggests & ideas from friends & supporters, and I want to fulfill the ones I can.

Just a sidenote as to where I am right now: I’m at my Circus School preparing for our performance (PLEASE SEE CIRCUS VARIETÉ “KLASSENFOTO” on the NEXT PERFORMANCES section, on the right panel of this blog). I have a solo on the aerial silks, so every day, I get up at 7 am to train the hell out of my body all day. I’m pretty exhausted; I’m pretty damn happy.

This is where I am right now, where I receive aerial classes!

photography by Fabiano Nitsch

photograph by Fabiano Nitsch

Despite being at my circus school I’m taking every free minute to check my mails, reply, bug people on the internet, and follow up on your ideas.

Keep ’em coming! I will do all I can, because YOU truly have brilliant ideas.

I have a birthday coming up. Shall we meet then to do a guerilla reading? I could have a computer with internet access in the room so that you can SUPPORT while the reading is still hot in your memory, haha!

That’s cheeky.

Cheeks move you forward.

Love, Ritti



One Response to ““Can We Just Stay Here?””

  1. Sarah June 10, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    What a beautiful blog post to honor a beautiful night. I am happy I was there, and I’m looking forward to so much more! 🙂

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