Let’s Have a Crowdfunding Party!

18 May

your invitation

your invitation

this is an updated version of the post. What’s new are more photographs of more sunrises. 

Dear ayllu, you are invited!

With the crowdfunding video inches away from being done, the illustrations almost done, and the German version of Qayqa in its final stages … it’s time to start reading and performing.

I decided to start giving a series of Crowdfunding Parties when a reader posted that she would love a reading-party as a reward for supporting the book. I loved the idea because in my mind, that hails back to the Beats in San Francisco, reading their poetry to one another in smoky rooms, getting drunk & getting high, celebrating all the pains and joys life will give you, through literature.

Also, a crowdfunding party is a fun way to get some attention on Qayqa and her upcoming crowdfunding project.

So I made the above flyer and am now handing it out everywhere & to everyone.

You’ll notice that there are two dates on it. This is because of the Pentecost holiday. I have a problem with Pentecost. It always gets in the way of my plans. I always forget it, plan events, and then everyone is away on holiday. So I made a SECOND crowdfunding party after the holidays, so that everyone who is away can come.

This is the back of the flyer:

Party back

What I’m planning for the party is this:  I’ll be reading from 2-3 different chapters of Qayqa, to give you a better overview of how diverse her narrative is. I’ll talk about the concept of crowdfunding, because I know that it is still a relatively new & abstract concept to many people. We’ll premiere my crowdfunding video. Mark will exhibit the illustrations, which is what I am most excited about. We might show one or two other films we directed / acted in / produced… It’ll be like walking into our art portfolio.

This evening will also mark the beginning of Qayqa‘s crowdfunding project. After the performance, I’ll go to the next wifi hotspot and submit Qayqa to the crowdfunding world. And you’ll be there at the start.

After this evening, I AM GOING TO NEED YOUR HELP. Tell your friends. Tell your families. Tell your neighbors. Tell your lovers. Tell everyone. Get them to look at the project online and get them to support!

On the 6th June, I’ll host the second party to get attention back on Qayqa. I’ll read again. We’ll exhibit again. We’ll have fun.

I have a dream for these reading parties. I want lots of pillows on the floor, people relaxing on them, passing wine bottles around, closing their eyes, relaxing & listening. I dream of something like the Beats had in the 60s.

Let me whisk you off to a different world… Let me sing for you, read for you. All you have to do is come round, lean back, and pass a wine bottle around.

I’ll try to bring some food too.

To invite your friends, family, lovers and children, here is the Facebook Page.

Here is a bit of Qayqa


You might have noticed the “new” NEXT PERFORMANCES section on the right side of the blog. I’m finally filling it up, including a performance in September, for Ulm’s Kulturnacht 2013. I’m so excited to be a part of that again! So please watch that column a lot in the upcoming weeks, because it will be filling up quite a lot!

One exciting upcoming performance is my circus apprenticeship graduation. After a year and a half of attending the Jojo Circus School, learning different circus disciplines, our graduation constitues of performing two nights in a circus tent at the Rappenhof!  I’ll be performing on the silks and figuration (I posted a video of figuration here), but we’ll also have excellent juggling, trapeze, clowns, and much much more!

As I was a media designer for picture & sound in a previous life, I was commissioned by my class to create our flyers. This is the front:


And back:


I wrote this last time, but if you’re interested in coming to this event, I’m happy to repeat the details:

Tickets cost € 10 for adults;  € 5 for children

Overnight Opportunity: You can choose to spend the night in a 2-bedroom (adults: € 15 / children: € 12) OR in the Big Top Tent (adults: € 5 / children: € 4) OR in a circus caravan with shower & electricity (adults: € 8 / children: € 4).

Food:  Breakfast is € 5, lunch is € 8, dinner is € 6. On Saturday, there will be a buffet for € 12, where you’ll wine & dine with us and party afterwards but! the buffet doesn’t open until approx. 10:30 pm, so bring a snack. Breakfast on Sunday is € 5.

DVD:  You can order a DVD of our performance for € 10.

If you know already that you want to come, then SEND ME AN EMAIL (rittisoncco@gmail.com) and I’ll book your room / caravan / tent space for you. Be sure to tell me in your email if you want food, the DVD, and how many tickets I should reserve for you.


On another matter entirely:  I have recently become the happy host of a pixie!

Pixie Richelle

Pixie Richelle

In previous posts, I occasionally mentioned a pixie. Well, her name is Richelle and I met her while I was volunteering at Helping Hands Cusco, Perú. She contributed amazingly to the Backpacker Poem and Iquitos was the last place I saw her. Since then, she travelled around the States, made wine in Australia and couchsurfed in Malaysia. Last week, she landed in Germany just in time for our circus performance of Miro & Mira and she’s been here ever since.

No one knows when she’s leaving.

I told her can stay as long as she likes.

We’re sharing my one-bedroom apartment. And it’s working.

"Life is so heavy... I just need to... lie down... for a little bit..."

“Life is so heavy… I just need to… lie down… for a little bit…”

It took a while to synchronise though. Between her jetlag and general madness, when I was falling asleep, she was waking up:

4 am

4 am

When she was falling asleep, I was hyper and bouncing off the walls. This hyperactivity was the reason I was able to take several pictures of several sunrises:

photo 1



photo 2

photo (3)

my angel's trumpet, who watched the sun rise with me

my angel’s trumpet, who watched the sun rise with me

Pixie is an incredible cook. She’s incredibly brilliant company. She is being supportive of my work, kicking me to make lists of the Things I Need To Do, making me tea while I blog, and generally helping me figure my work out. She has cheeky, crazy conversations with herself.

I’ll go as far as to say that she is the best thing that could have happened to me right now. After an astonishingly grey winter, she’s bringing life back into my apartment, reviving the spirit of living slowly, and making me eat healthy again. I’ve said this to her a few times, but I want to say it here again: Thanks for coming here, pixie. I love having you here.

If she becomes a musician, I maintain this should be the album cover

If she becomes a musician, this should be the album cover

having a delicious evening wine by the Danube

having a delicious evening wine by the Danube

Pixie with the Fab Fab

Pixie with the Fab Fab

You’ll meet her at the crowdfunding party. She doesn’t speak German but her smile will charm your pants off.

It’s great to have such a colourful character accompanying my life. Who knows how long she’ll hang around Europe, but if she’s here by the time I blog next, you’ll hear all about our adventures.

AND ONE LAST THING.  This is my first blog post from my new computer. I can’t believe this. A few weeks ago, I tweeted that my sweet little backpack netbook is dying and if anyone knows of any second hand Macbooks flying around.

As of yesterday, I am the incredibly proud, baffled, breathtaken owner of a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Macbook Air. 

photo 1

The story of this Macbook Air is so epic, I’m only telling it in person. Thank you Gerhard, for being the best & most baffling reader a writer could hope for. My promise to you: I will use this elegant new computer to write more & more often, dedicate it completely to the arts, so that you can rest assured knowing that it is always in good use.

Thank You.

Thank You SO Much.

P.S.: I have thought about this for a while, and in my mind, the theory has confirmed itself repeatedly: it is our audiences who teach us that we are artists. By attending, applauding and appreciating, you teach us the worth of our work. You show us that the dream that led us to go against everything stable, everything economically viable, everything our parents warned us against, was actually worthwhile. You teach me to write more, to believe that what I say is worth thinking about, and to keep at it. No matter how restless I get. No matter how lonely I get. No matter how frustrating, hungry, furious, desperate I get. The audience teaches the artists that they are artists.

I really believe that.

Now I have to go, because Pixie has made soup and it smells delicious…


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