With a Little Help From my Friends

4 May

Or: The Two Rittis

When one of my circus students asked me why I came to teach them wearing my backpack, I explained I had been staying at the Fab Fab’s to film my crowdfunding video. She burst out laughing and said: “Ritti! You use all your friends!”

I replied: “What you should be considering is why do all my friends have such special talents, and is it a coincidence that these talented people are my friends? Maybe I cast my friends carefully…”

Wink wink nudge nudge.

The fact is I am lucky to have friends who are enthusiastic and artistic / techy. When I asked the Fab Fab if he would film my crowdfunding video, his reply was an immediate YES.

And three days ago, when I frantically called a friend from my Media Design apprenticeship, Dirk Schwarz answered my cry for help with a “Sure, no problem.”

What I’m trying to say is that NO ART IS MADE ALONE. There’s always someone out there, helping out. At almost every joint exhibition I had with Mark, Andreas “the Duke” Dukek-Haferkorn was there, helping. He helped hang up my collages; he stood at the doors of my readings for hours, calling people in and selling them entry tickets.

So thanks to Dirk Schwarz and Fabiano Nitsch, I can now present to you a short moving excerpt of “The Two Rittis”, a.k.a “Split Screen Tussis”. It is unedited, which means that in the more “advanced” version, there may be close-ups or scenes from Mark’s illustrations while I’m talking.

For your VIEWING PLEASURE, a sneak-peek into my upcoming crowdfunding video:

This weekend is busy with my Circus Serrando’s annual performances, so I have to run off to that in a minute. On Monday, I fly to Scotland. I’ll tell you why later.

But! I can say this! I received confirmation that I WILL BE READING at 2013’s Ulmer Kulturnacht in the Bookshop Eichhorn (same as 2 years ago).

Please watch the panel on the right of my blog because that’s where I’ll be posting all my reading / tour dates, now that Qayqa is steadily moving towards publication. Finally!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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