Things I Need to Know Tomorrow

5 Mar

Tell me I’m running out of time

Tell me my feelings aren’t real

That what I’m feeling is just the weather

That small numbers keep everything else small


Tell me I haven’t become my own prison

Say again this too shall pass


You made me laugh


I turn to audio books for company

You see I’m getting weaker by the day

He says finally, finally

No winter is colder than you being strong


You know it’s not enough to socialise

If you stopped talking to yourself as well.

I say tell me everything you know

And tell me we’re talking again tomorrow.


I wrote this poem and I don’t know what you’ll take away from it. To me, it has several different meanings, and it has several different people talking in it. It’s for Tom. I’m still working on the title. The alternative was “A Much Needed Conversation”.


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