Whatever You’re Going Through, This Is To Help You Get Through It

23 Jan

You might not know who to turn to sometimes, so you might turn to the internet. This is a space on the net where you can find some love. We called it “the Finger Hug Project”, and it’s for whoever finds it – for whoever needs it.

Thinking of everyone who may need our love, in an art collaboration around the world, people painted their fingers so that you know:

We don’t know who you are, but we’re sending you our love.

Whatever you’re going through: this is to help you get through it.


Not everyone out there is against you, even if it seems that way right now.

You’re not being punished.

Things are rough now, but they will get better.


You’re not as bad as you think.

People will forgive you.


Everyone gets lonely.

You haven’t ruined it all.


Don’t be afraid to tell people how you feel.

Everyone is insecure, frightened and jealous sometimes.

No one is strong all the time.


You won’t always be alone.

The day will come when the messages you get in the mail / on your cell phone / in Facebook won’t just be bills, coupons or advertisements.

There are a lot of people who care. You’d be surprised to know who you’ve touched.


You are still a country worth exploring. Inside you there’s still a being without scars.

You’re still new to be touched and kissed and loved.

Your experiences are your lessons – but you are still brand new.


Whatever is going on in your life right now, whatever has happened: you’re still good.

We don’t know you, but we’re thinking of you.

Thank you to everyone who participated! By doing this, your generosity has helped someone, somewhere out there. I know it: you helped me. 

About This Project

Last month, I was kicking some major pre-Christmas blues. I was feeling very alone and horrible. I stumbled across a picture on the internet of two finger painted into a hug. It was simple and so beautiful. I saved it and went on browsing.

At the time, I was following the news of the dark pre-Christmas days – the suicides, the gun shootings, the wars, and the wars of women. I thought of everyone who wouldn’t enjoy Christmas, who may have suffered a terrible fate, or who may be alone. I wanted to reach out to all those people, and let them know that they weren’t alone – and, by default, that I wasn’t alone. I remembered the picture of the fingers hugging.

And I made this video:

I passed the video around on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter… and YOUR PICTURES began pouring in.

Your pictures came from literally all over the world. Some chose to take pictures with their faces, others wanted to remain anonymous. One of you chose to make a family project out of it. One of you told his daughter about the project, she enthusiastically painted her fingers, and he sent me a picture.

a friend advertising the FingerHug Project on her facebook wall in English & Japanese

a friend advertising the FingerHug Project on her facebook wall in English & Japanese

One of you said:

I sent this because I read this right after I read about a recent gang rape in New Delhi. I felt bad and didn’t know what else to do.

This project is about sending love out to those who may need it. And what better place to put it than on the internet.

… Because: (as you may know) I follow Amanda Palmer’s blog, and a few weeks ago, she began posting a lot about internet bullying. The internet is an overwhelmingly endless bazaar offering our news, gossip, beauty – and our hate. Her blog post states some very strong examples of internet hate. Her content & the comments posted by her readers touched me greatly.

This project is a movement of solidarity and love. If you’re having bad times, if shit is hitting the fan over & over again, or if you’re just wallowing in self-pity: come here and have some love. If it’s virtual, digital, physical, emotional hate: there is so much love out here for you.

And if you didn’t do it already: ZOOM IN and look at the FingerHugs up close. Their individuality is very, very touching!!

the original finger hug

the original finger hug

To me: those blues were kicking me pretty hard, and then the pictures started coming in. I felt as though they were shooting stars, aiming out towards the love, who knows where they were directed? Who knows who or what these people were thinking of when they painted their fingers and sent me their pictures. But as the pictures arrived, with so much compassion, even if their love wasn’t directed at me, mygod it still warmed me. It warmed me.

It was like standing very close to a meteor shower: watching the stars shoot by, reaching out and feeling the warmth on my fingers.


I think I might print these FingerHugs and hang them around my apartment. That way, whenever I’m feeling horrible, I can look at them and know that even if some of these people don’t know me, I’m not alone.

If you need it: do it too.

If you know someone who needs this / might like it: share it.

Stay strong out there. Whatever you’re going through, this is to help you get through it.

thinking of you


2 Responses to “Whatever You’re Going Through, This Is To Help You Get Through It”

  1. Sarah January 23, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    This is too precious… I love how people made their own versions of the finger hug, with kisses, sun, legs, all of that. Also, your post was deeply moving to me, and came RIGHT IN TIME – Universe always has great timing and this project was quite in tune… So: THANK YOU, GRACIAS, I’m sure it will warm others as much as it warmed me. 🙂

    • rittisoncco January 23, 2013 at 6:56 pm #

      “At just the right time”… Somehow that seems to be happening quite often lately! But why *wouldn’t* we be all going through similar things sometimes? When the sun shines, we’re all warm together. When it rains and freezes overnight, we all have to scratch car windows together. I’ve started to accept that we all seem to go through same-same things at the same-same time. It makes perfect sense.

      I am so glad it came at just the right time. It did for me, too. And for some others I know of. Thank you for participating!

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