A Note on the Golden Era

25 Nov

Today I found this picture on the Facebook page of a good friend, and I instantly connected with it. I uploaded it as the new header on my Facebook page, writing about it: “According to Inca cosmology, the new era we’re moving towards is named Taripay Pacha: the golden era of Meeting Ourselves Again. In honour of the promptly upcoming change of consciousness that we’re all hoping for in 2013…”

There are a lot of fun little rumours about the world coming to end on New Years Eve. As December approached, I hear it being said louder & louder, and it gives everyone around a good chill. When the documentary Pachakutec came out last year, I attended the viewing at the Lichtburg Cinema where the sun priest Ñaupany Puma and director Anya Schmidt were present for a subsequent question round.

If you missed it, please please watch the trailer of this truly fantastic documentary about the changes of our collective consciousness:

If you’re in Ulm, you can buy the DVD in the Bücherei Eichhorn. You can order it on Amazon here, and you can read my blog post of the film here.

At the viewing, I spoke to Ñaupany Puma about what the Q’eros people think of the apocalyptic forebodings. Suddenly, he showed his annoyed side and impatiently said: “That’s all nonsense! The Q’eros don’t believe that and neither do the Maya. It’s all misinterpretation.”

In all the books I’ve read that deal with Inca cosmology, I never found any literal allusion to end of the world. The whole idea of the apocalypse is, in my opinion, 1) a clever Christian tool to demand wholehearted commitment towards their religion by means of fear;  2) the most poetic and visually enlightening chapter in the Bible. I have read Revelations a hundred times, and my first attempts at spoken word were all based on Revelations. I adore its powerful and merciless imagery.

I really need to work with Revelations more.

So when I saw the picture … of a person wading through the universe … it touched me so much. It spoke to me of the Inca cosmology that we, all people, are changing; are moving towards a collective change of consciousness: one in which we regard nature are a living thing, and life itself as a living thing, which reacts to us, which plays with us, teases us, and answers our questions. One in which we see plants as our teachers, who can lead us into higher realms of perception. But plants, or any manner of hallucinogenics, must never be used as a shortcut to understanding, and much less a “party drug”. The actual work is done through meditation, opening your senses and tuning them in to the harmony around us… And just bloody having your eyes open as you walk through life! At the end of the day, no one needs plant-induced help!! You can achieve this on your own, by just … staying calm, and opening your senses to discovering a new level of perception.

by Alex Grey

(an interesting little article on painter Alex Grey here)

On the topic of staying calm… Thank you for your replies on the question in my last post: how do you stay calm!!

I delight in the way your replies find me in the quiet shell of my inbox, and rarely in the public traffic of post / facebook comment boxes. It feels like secret whispers on a private frequency only we are privy to. And that is a nice thought, indeed.

As you know, I’m tumblring now, and apart from putting up photos that have something to do with my work as a writer / filmmaker / circus performer, or bits and pieces that inspire / touch me – I had the idea of using my Tumblr as a platform for our dialogue. I thought that, if, in what you write me, there is something I would like to reply / react to publicly, then I could do so on Tumblr.

Hate it or love it?

Among the reactions to my last post, I received an email with words that really touched me, which I would like to share with you:

As though there was a connection between our souls, a more universal one, you often write or publish things that resonate SO MUCH within me.

I feel the same way! And I experience this being mirrored back to me at my readings. I am convinced that we are all on moving on a universal plane, be it in our creative or private processes. We are all facing the same direction, and moving towards it at our own strides. There are times when everyone around you seems to be saying the exact same thing. We are all on the same plane of consciousness: in what we learn, what thoughts we tackle, or even in how we love.

When I read the above sentence in the email, I decided to share something on the blog as a nod to the writer of the email, as well as to everyone else out there. It’s an idea for a poem that I had a month ago, and this seems like a good time to share it. It’s still untitled:

This time… I’d like to leave TIME out of it

Because this time I want to love with CHANGE in mind

I’d like to forget ETERNITY and cast it to my ignorance

And accept instead that I wrong, often WRONG


This time, I will love knowing that everything ends

I will believe that loss is one of the best ways to see what’s mine

And that it’s been the heartaches and the illusions

That have made the best version of this woman


Every reason I used to have to scream, is now a reason to stay calm

Every promise that eventually broke, helped me regain my footing

And every illusion I fought for, with time came to teach:

I will be all I need


This time, I will open my eyes and see

That every wrong turn has a right angle

That everything I ever said, I will eventually say all over again

And moving forward has a lot to do with going round in circles


And every time I said: “FOREVER”

I forgot that I was NEVER the one with the plans.

This poem is my peacemaker with the year 2012. It’s work-in-progress and I know it will still grow. I’m a supporter of CREATIVE COMMONS, so if you have any ideas for this poem, go ahead and use it, but – in the spirit of Creative Commons – bring it back and share it with us!!!

That goes for anything I publish on the blog. If something you read here gives you an idea, great! I’m always linking up the things that fascinate & inspire me, because I have the vague notion that if you like my work, my inspirations may also interest you.

A friend did just that with the Backpacker Poem. She posted it a photograph on Lake Titicaca on her Instagram page with the words (and they may sound strangely familiar): JOYFUL THAT MY WEALTH WAS THE LANDSCAPES AROUND ME.

Here: http://instagram.com/p/Qx6r6QTcM7

Oh, it made me proud. PROUD!

Hell, I’m waiting for Monday to happen. I have work to do, but instead I’m sitting here, tapping the floor with my toes, waiting for Monday. Impatient on Friday, I lured Mark to Henry’s Coffee World with the promise of a cappuccino, where I cornered him and aggressively suggested we sketch a little for Qayqa.

Patient soul that he is, he indulged me.

Mark was annoyed that I was taking pictures so early in the day. He ran to the LP, put on the “Return of the Empire” soundtrack and then went into hiding

Henry’s Coffee World in Ulm was where we would go almost every day 4 years ago, to fantasize about one day living from our art, and all the fantastic work we could do to. The idea for our first film “Children of Roots was born here. Whenever I asked Mark: “Where to?” and he replied: “Henry’s!”, we’d exchange a wink that said: …and perhaps we’ll have a great idea while we’re there…!

Mark wanted to discuss Ochoa (and other potatoes). One thing we’re excited about is that we agreed that some illustrations should be so intricate or so vivid, that each time you go back to explore it, you’ll discover something new. Mark had the idea that there could be many little potatoes running around, all in different stages of “unfolding”. In the following illustration, you can see a potato with legs, just standing there. “Instead of gnomes and fairies,” he said with a wink, “we’ll have potatoes!”

An aspect of the narrative that has always intrigued Mark, is that whenever Damian is feeling lonely, defeated and self-pitying, Ochoa rolls himself up into his potato form and refuses to speak to him; and when Damian is starving and would be willing to eat a raw potato, Ochoa unrolls himself and give him a proper shout.

We discussed how Ochoa’s rolling in and out of his potato form could be depicted… If it should be depicted… We then moved on to discuss the flying peoples’ costumes a little, after which I promised to send him pictures of figures that can be done on the trapeze, ring and aerial cloth.

He was disappointed to hear that there were no clowns in my circus. I told him off for thinking my circus had animals.

Come Monday the real works begins. I’m not entirely sure how we’ll approach this, but Mark seems to have a firm handle on the process. As promised, we’ll be documenting it for the blog and on tumblr, so be sure to stop by!

I leave you with another love of mine: SPOKEN WORD POETRY. A good friend saw Sarah Kay in Nice and forwarded the following video to me, saying: “I have seen your double performing today. She could do with some trapeze and film work and magical realism, you would be great twins!” I wish you a lot of fun & thought with Sarah Kay and her take on Spoken Word poetry.

A very fitting one for the epilogue, because Erykah Badu makes the most important point of all: “Fans, friends, and artists must meet.”

And one for jokes, from one of the most sincere artists on television:

See you on Monday!


2 Responses to “A Note on the Golden Era”

  1. crisveijk November 25, 2012 at 5:17 pm #

    I don’t know if you remember, but I mentioned my complete adoration for Sarah Kay in that Creative Writing session last month. That video especially…. I played it twice just now.

    Great blog!

    • rittisoncco November 25, 2012 at 11:43 pm #

      Dear Chris, delighted!! You have good taste. Ofcourse. 🙂 I hope you checked out the Def Poetry videos I posted after Sarah Kay and maybe it inspired you to check more of it out? I was thinking of you when I posted those. Generally, we need more spoken word in our lives. Why not make a video in the creative writing club? I’m going to make one too. Love, Ritti

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