Thank You for Blessing My Road

12 Sep

Today I tweeted: “THANK YOU, all the friends & strangers who blessed me along my journey, with their words, gods, help and friendship! It has helped!”

Tonight, I really want to elaborate in a short, short post.

During my writing & backpacking journey the last 8 months, I have been blessed with intense encounters with people who, after a few simple exchanges of dialogue, touched my hands or my face, and said: “I wish you all the best.”

Or even: “May your road be blessed, may you find everything you are looking for, and may your journey continue to be as beautiful as it has been so far.”

So far on this blog, I have spoken in abundance about the wealth of the landscapes, and photographed them with passion, so as to share them with you. I spoke little of the people I have met, and how their friendship has blessed, challenged and encouraged me.

And even less has been said about the people who came into our lives for single seconds, but -if we let them- stay with us for much longer. Such as the beautiful lady Olga Calderon, who spoke with such love about her son and grandchild, and afterwards gave me her phone number so that the next time I am Bogotá, I can stay at her house. Or the kind, kind elderly traveller, Roy from Australia, who insisted on paying for my hotel room so that I wouldn’t have to sit in the bus terminal until 6 in the morning: “I’d like to think that if my granddaughter were sitting in some terminal all night, someone would help her out too. She’s my princess, and so are you.”

I thank you.

The friends who have come to define entire cities for me – people who I met one evening, who later took me into their homes, showed me around their towns, and shared with me the secrets of their homes. You are the true value of my road.

I thank you.

The pixie who hides flowers and notes in my books, which fall suddenly into my lap, surprise and delight me, and make me realise that this is one of my favourite things about being alive.

In the hassle of travelling, of border-hopping – of finding yourself again alone in a new city, trying to figure the city rules out and trying to keep a mental map of the roads in your head – all the blessings from strangers & friends echo in my heart, and I feel a little more warm and a little less afraid.

And I think: Surely there’s a place where they all go – surely they work together with karma. Surely, if these people are blessing me with their words, with their gods, with their friendship and their help, surely I have something beautiful on my side. A guardian angel. Something. And my walk becomes a little less shaky. And things somehow always work out.

Tonight, in a hotel room thanks to Roy (a hot shower thanks to Roy – a big warm bed thanks to Roy), I want to thank all of you with my whole heart.

I hope you see my blog as your home – as a place of my gratitude for how you enriched my life.

As soon as the road quietens down (which will be soon), I’ll reply to all your comments on my previous posts. Just so you know: I love hearing your thoughts, and the interesting discussions that follow up are what make this blog so special to me. So please know: I read everything you write me. I’ll reply as soon as I can.


2 Responses to “Thank You for Blessing My Road”

  1. VAlentine ANtont September 13, 2012 at 2:51 pm #

    Knowing you is like a movie. I imagine my part being the tangentic mystic with a belly full of wine talking about the road ahead with great hope. The romantic detective that digs for the truth with you and discovers the meaning of magic and illuminates the whole of the inner worlds. The truth is you are not a movie, your an open book. Thanks for sharing your heart and love with all thouse around you. and for cursing that crazy driver in Cusco in 3 languages.

  2. unevensurfaces September 16, 2012 at 9:56 pm #

    Wow – that boat journey must have been intense. The video was great to give a feel for it. It’s great to see that you’ve made it that far now!

    And this post I just read is awesome. Very relatable and just a great feeling from reading it. Thanks for posting it. I’m really glad you have been one of those people I have got to meet on my journey.
    Continuing to wish you all the best…

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