Spontaneous Collage Exhibition!

1 Jun


I was spontaneously asked to exhibit my collages at the Kultur Fahrschule (Ehinger Tor, Ulm) and I’m just packing everything up and running it over there. The Kultur Fahrschule officially opens this Saturday, 2nd June at 4pm.

I won’t be there for the Opening because I’m on the road again this weekend, but I’ll be around next week if you want to chat, buy collages, or share a beer. I’ll also be hanging up some new collages next week, so … come by for that beer!

I’m thrilled about the opportunity to exhibit because it means that while I’m in Perú, my work will be out in the open and I won’t have disappearedcompletely… Plus, the collages really haven’t been out enough.Image

Happily, my collages sold really really well at the Universum Center last month (THANK YOU SO MUCH, you know who you are!!) and the rest are also up for sale at the Kultur Fahrschule. Mark has agreed to watch over my collages while I am in Perú, so if you have any questions or any favourites, just catch him. He’s either the one building a robot or the one with a spray can in his hand.

Find out more about the brilliant Kultur Fahrschule – created by the people who brought you the Universum Center InfoPunkt – here:


If you’re not sure where it is: trust me, you’ll see it. It’s directly opposite the Universum Center and there’s a large & beautiful graffiti saying FruchtRausch, because the smoothie bar is opening a second bar in collaboration with the Kultur Fahrschule.

The Kultur Fahrschule is supported by the City of Ulm and will be open for the next 3 months. There will be a large variety of dazzling events (including Mark’s robot building workshop) and the organisers have promised to livestream the events! How very modern. I can watch it all from Perú.


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