The Imaginarium’s Powerstation

18 Apr

I took this picture last summer in Croatia and it seemed strangely fitting to this post because it’s a fine example of human ingenuity. Or madness. The brash statement: “I’ll be damned if I don’t find a way to work things out!”

Or the philosophical version: Sometimes in life, when the laws of physics state we should by all means be catatonic – or at the very least DEAD TIRED – and we find ourselves still running… well, here we realise the simple truth: Creative Energy runs on an external, bizarre battery. And we’ll be damned if we don’t find a way to make our visions come true.

That’s what this post is about.

Some of you may remember a series of adventurous fundraisers we organised while I was working at the NGO Helping Hands in Cusco, Perú. If you missed it, here’s a recap of our adventures: Helping with Hands and Feet

One of the fundraisers was entitled The Mountain of Solidarity and the basic idea was that, in February 2012, friends & family sponsored a marathon run up and down a mountain in Los Nogales. The names of our sponsors were stuck onto large flags which we carried with us as we climbed up and down; each with a personal goal of how many times s/he wanted to climb. Let me just say this: it takes one hour to climb up and down the mountain, so it’s not too crazy. But just you say you want to make it up 10 times: that means you’ll be climbing for ten hours. Nice.

We had three cameras to film the mad marathon, which we gave to our students, who then stood in three strategic points along the mountain and filmed us each time we ran up or down. The marathon went on for a total of 13 hours… This resulted in some very epic footage which I carried back to Germany with me and spent the last few weeks cutting and taping together. As of this morning, it is done!

Thank you very much for the great feedback on the videos of me talking about Qayqa and Munay. I enjoyed reading your comments! I’m glad you enjoyed the videos so much, and will try to include more in the future. Starting now.

“The Mountain of Solidarity” Fundraiser for Helping Hands Cusco:


Looking back, I’m so happy we were mad enough to go through with such a crazy plan. This will definitely be something for the grandchildren.

Ah, I enjoyed editing the footage: being back in Los Nogales with my friends and students, raising money for a good cause, doing something crazy and beautiful. And in two months, I fly back to Perú. I found a well of inspiration for my writing there and I intend to return to continue work on Munay.

So now I’m working hard and saving harder, so that I may live for a few months in Latin America. Ofcourse I’ll continue blogging about the journey, what I get up to, and how Munay comes along…!

But until the flight, I have a lot of projects planned, and I’m trying to organise one or two readings in between… Last week, Mark and I gave a film workshop in collaboration with Kontiki Kunstschule für Kinder, Gänseblümchen Stiftung für Kinder and Sie’ste Mädchen- und Frauenladen Ulm. We worked with 10 extroverted, crazy and amazingly talented children who normally wouldn’t have had the opportunity to participate in such a project, were it not for the support of the above-mentioned foundation and collaborators. This is the next short film I’ll be editing this week… I’ll post it on my blog once I can (I need to see about the rights), including background info about how brilliant children can be.

The film is entitled Der Junge mit dem Dickschädel (The Boy with the Big Head).

Bighead in front of a picture sprayed by Mark

the actors preparing for a scene with Bighead

Ritti Soncco, Mark Klawikowski and Bighead's big head

The big head comes to you courtesy of Mark’s endless imaginarium.

I have another film workshop coming up, and since I have complete freedom over the script and film in this one, I decided to try a little experiment… I’ve been dreaming of a short film about Qayqa for a while now… Together with my students of this upcoming workshop, I want to film a short scene from Qayqa. I always imagined it as a puppet film. There’s no limit to what you can do in a puppet film!

It’ll be a short film. I’ve chosen an excerpt. Mark and I collaborated on the script. It’ll be simple, it’ll deviate from the original story slightly. See it as an excursion deeper into the world of Qayqa, as a single moment magnified into a short film.

Here are the characters:

I won’t tell you who is who. Not now.

I love the puppet world I discovered through Mark. I think if I weren’t a writer, I’d make my home puppet films. It is as limitless as writing.

So there’s the imaginarium, running on a bizarre battery. Who knows how much time we have left. Let’s turn our brains inside out.


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