We Can Fly

7 Aug

 Thank you, my dear friends, for your insightful and encouraging feedback on my last post. In gratitude, I decided to share another piece of writing I just finished. I must admit it’s fascinating for a writer to have such a direct response from an audience. It helps me assess if what I am writing is making any sense at all. The challenge is really in creating a new world: either you take the readers by the hand and explain every little step – but that makes me babytalk. Or you have a blog, read the responses and know if your pace is right. Thank you so much for this help!!

The following extract is from the novel I am currently working on… I wish you great pleasure, and as always, am thankful for your feedback.

Aerial Silks

We can fly. As some raise their voices to the sky, we raise our bodies. It is a gift that has always slumbered within us, that with the right path, will awaken and take us on an extraordinary journey. No one knows how many people on this Earth can fly, because there is no way to calculate a sleeping talent. But one after the other, the flying people somehow find each other.

What is it that keeps us from falling? It’s not our two hands that grasp for something to hold on to. Nor is it supernatural; we are all people. There is no parachute hidden in our secrets.

It’s in the ability to turn off our heads. These heads filled with such complexities, doubts and emotional weight. We don’t look down at the ground when we fly because the ground is something we are leaving behind and in order to fly, we need to look up. Ahead of us, waiting in the sky, is our identity.

We bend the laws – not of nature, but the laws of ourselves. The laws of all we thought we were capable of. When we fly, the sky gives us space to face ourselves. We are alone with ourselves in the air, and we can make a choice. To accept the world we have lived in until now, land and never look up at the sky again.

Or understand that we have limited our minds: with each new flight, we will face a new wall we will have to break through. It’s a frightening leap of faith to take, to move in the unknown territory beyond our understanding. Yet when we dare to take the leap, everything we thought was impossible, suddenly becomes possible. We understand our limitation was merely a tainted perception, and we see that we are capable of more than we would ever have dreamed of. Perception changes: up is down, and beneath our feet, a whole new world reveals itself. The sky.

In this world, we are the people who can fly.

Fundamentally, what keeps us from falling is the belief in ourselves. Not a belief we were born with, nor a belief we trained since we were three. It is a belief that can awake at any age and from that moment on, anything is possible for anyone. Simply think: yes.

So we watch the world to understand it because we must learn to exist in it. We must learn about the weather, the trees, the moon; we must watch the sunrises and sunsets. We must learn where hot air originates and when it cools. How one changes the other, how they move as one.

Only when we understand the world’s rhythm, can we fly in it.

Inspired by my circus life


5 Responses to “We Can Fly”

  1. Gerhard August 7, 2011 at 1:52 am #

    It`s a fascinating view to this everlasting dream for many people (like myself) “how can we fly”.
    When I read your sentences with such strong meanings and synonyms I instantly thought of the word “airborn” once you`re off the ground. Like a baby is born and surrounded by mother nature which is the symbol of our belief of what we`re capable of. The good and bad, the successes and failures. But the limits we`re setting is our belief, the sky is endless and therefore stands for the challenge how far we can get.
    Now I really understand for the first time where the meaning is coming from.
    Thanks for this gratitude extract in your blog that has such a power for me in its words that it will last long time to reflect on. I look forward to read the whole novel when it`s finished.

    • rittisoncco September 11, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

      Dear Gerhard, thank you so much for your strong words! I read your reply many times, reflecting on everything you said. I am pleased that this post touched and inspired you so greatly, and I thank you for saying that you look forward to reading the novel when it’s finished, because that encouraged me greatly!! Thank you for that. I especially liked all that you interpreted into the post, because it just the kind of response I had been hoping for. The sky is endless, as our limitations. The only thing that limits us is time, and I hope we make the most of the good time that has been given us! Thank you very much for your words, I will keep them close to my writing heart.

  2. identitysolutions August 7, 2011 at 2:47 am #

    Oh, wow! This is so inspiring! Truly, we are the people who can fly! We can soar because we have special gifts! Thank you for sharing such beautiful post! Maybe, I should write something similar to this as well.

    Follow me: http://identitysolutions.wordpress.com

    • rittisoncco September 11, 2011 at 8:03 pm #

      Thank you so much, Intriguing Identity Solutions! I will certainly follow your post and am curious as to all the solutions you offer identity. 🙂 Thank you so much for reading and for taking the time to reply. I hope you soar!!!

  3. j. August 8, 2011 at 8:58 am #

    this words touches my heard!! and its like a voice wich remembers it on something long forgotten…

    just good! so good

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